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Collection of Audio Fairy Tales for Sleep 😴

Hello Parents! I know that it is hard sometimes for a child to go to sleep. So, with the help of child psychologists and sleep consultants, I have developed a unique approach. Simply turn on my audio stories for your child before bed. The relaxing background music, soothing narrator’s voice, and enchanting storyline will help your child settle down and fall asleep. I create exclusive quality content. The number of stories in audio library is constantly growing.

The Cat Does Not Sleep 🐱

"How many stars do you think there are in the sky? Let’s try to count them. Five. Ten. Twenty. Look, a falling star has disappeared over the neighboring house! People say that you should close your eyes at that moment and make a wish. If your wish is sincere and kind, it is sure to come true."

Gift For The Moon 🎁

"Every night, from her cozy home, the squirrel watched the bright round moon appearing above the mountain. The moon would slowly rise up into the sky, and hundreds of tiny stars started to shine.The squirrel did not understand why the moon never slept at night? After all, the sun hid behind a mountain every evening and went to sleep. So, the squirrel made up her mind to present the moon with her favorite fairytale book."

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NEW STORY! Max and Microbes 🦠

"Max approached the table and picked up the basket of apples, intending to wash the fruit at last, but immediately put it back down. It seemed to him that the crying was coming from somewhere right around the basket. So, Max began to examine each piece of fruit with the magnifying glass; and suddenly he saw a strange tiny creature. It was sitting on one of the apples and crying."

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Good Dreams 😴

"The room got brighter. Eve heard a sound coming from the closet: “Meow“. She jumped out of bed and ran to the closet. There, on the shelf, there was a real little kitten! Eve was very happy to see such a surprise. She took the kitten in her hands and began to play with it."

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Candy Land 🍬

"Where do you think grandmothers take so many sweets? I don’t know a single grandmother who has not ever had some candy in her pocket. There seems to be an endless supply there. Maybe, that is why it is so easy for our grannies to share candies."

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Find Your Rainbow 🌈

"The world seemed beautiful again. And the mouse realized that sometimes troubles come in life, but any storm is always followed by calmness. You need to be brave and believe in the best, then you will definitely see your rainbow in the sky."

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Believe In Your Dream 🏖

"I turned my head slowly and saw the sea through the window. How large it was! It seems to me that it was the happiest day of my childhood! I ask you never to stop dreaming! If you have a dream, keep it safe. Then, you will surely meet something amazing on your way."

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Good Deeds 🎈

"In life, it’s essential to be kind both to yourself and the people around you. We should help not only people but animals as well. Then, your star is sure to shine in the sky! There are a lot of stars tonight, and one of them may belong to you."

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The Tree House 🏡

"Today, I want to give you an amazing gift - a tree house. But I can’t do it without your help. Will you help me? As a child, I had a tree house. I had a great time there with my dad, mom, and brother."

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Toy Story 🧸

"His dad sat down on the bed next to Alex and asked him to forget what he’d said. Little children need to believe in miracles! If you are sure that your toys come alive at night, then that’s fine. And next time, call me, and together we will find out where the toys go. Agreed?"

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Star Friend 🚀

"There are no great distances that can prevent us from being friends. Just look at the sky, and the stars will twinkle at you. Remember that I think about you and send you my warmest star regards. So now, every night, the hedgehog looks at the stars and feels happy because his far-away friend thinks about him, and sends him greetings, and wishes him the sweetest dreams."

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Dolphin’s Adventure 🐬

"As soon as the dolphin was in the water, he immediately started swimming. And the boy swam next to him because he was worried about his friend. But everything was great! The dolphin's tail looked just right. And the dolphin was so happy because he was in the sea again!"

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Thanks for the Help 🚴

"The baby elephant and the teddy bear get out of the box... They look around and try to take in the situation. It looks like the children’s store is just a few blocks away. If they hurry, they may still be in time for the store opening. But when they try to move the box, they fail. The box is very heavy."

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Road to the Clouds ⛅

"The little fox sat down on a stone and admired the sunset. Deep in his mind, he was supremely happy and proud of himself. He believed in his dream, and did not stop half-way. And now, he was rewarded with such moving emotions! The fox's eyes began to close slowly. He yawned and fell asleep lying on a cloud."

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Night Forest 🌲

"Night is the time for magic and fairy tales! Let's go for a walk together along the moonlit path and look at the forest at night. I hope that along the way we meet many forest inhabitants and find out who is sleeping at this time and who is not. Do you want to take a short trip? Then hold my hand and let’s explore."

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Where is My House? 🐹

"The sun was already shining high in the sky, and the air smelled like a wet forest. Abu could not understand why it smelled like a forest if he fell asleep in a basket near the house? The hamster got out of the basket and found himself on a branch of a tall tree. Apparently, the basket had been blown away by a strong wind at night. Abu slept so deeply that he had not even felt it."

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Bedtime Meditation 🧘

"- We know a secret. There is a special magic that will fight fatigue and anger and help you relax, - whispered the monkey. Kate looked at her brother in surprise and continued listening to the monkey with interest. - It will be funny and exciting, - promised the cat."

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Festive Mood 🥳

"You should keep smiling and look for ways to create a festive mood for your loved ones and those around you. You don’t have to look for a special reason. All you need to do is show a bit of care and love. Remember that a friendly smile and a good mood work wonders."

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Lost Pajamas 👕

"The day had been hard, so Olivia turned over on her side and quickly fell asleep. Some time later, she woke up to a quiet rustling sound coming from the other end of the room. Peeking through half-closed eyes, she saw that the window was open, a rope ladder was hanging from the windowsill, and a little green man was climbing to get outside. Outside the window, right there in midair, a small spaceship was hovering."